Praise for Mutual Appreciation

“One of the Top Ten Films of the Year”
Art Forum, Cinematical, Entertainment Weekly, Film Comment, Cineaste, Cleveland Scene, Nashville Scene, Houston Press, Cinema Scope, Seattle Weekly, Portland Oregonian, Boston Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Phoenix New Times, The Onion AV Club, Time Out Chicago, Village Voice, Greencine, OC Weekly, Dallas Observer

“If John Cassavetes had directed a script by Eric Rohmer, the result might have looked and sounded like "Mutual Appreciation." Indie auteur Andrew Bujalski ("Funny Ha-Ha") has studied his mentors closely -- Mike Leigh and Jim Jarmusch are among his other obvious influences -- and put whatever lessons he learned to good use in this unaffectedly naturalistic and appealingly quirky low-key comedy about twentysomethings in the process of inventing themselves.”—Joe Leydon


“I bet Andrew Bujalski is sick of reading that he’s the voice of his generation, when most of that neo-slacker demographic has never had the opportunity to see his films. Like Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation is hardly your standard Amerindie … it’s shot on 16mm black-and-white, thus confirming Bujalski’s allegiance to a strain of maverick films—Shadows, Stranger than Paradise, Clerks—that bring poignantly accurate renditions of subcultures of which their directors have intimate knowledge to otherwise homogenized screens..”—Amy Taubin

“You might think of Mutual Appreciation as an emo cover of Godard’s Masculine/Feminine: a meditation on the crisscrossed subjectivities of boys and girls, their mutual comprehension or lack thereof. Bujalski makes intuitive portraits of his people from the inside out rather than fixing them into a conventional drama. If his improvisational flux seems slightly random—each scene finding its own idiosyncratic entry and exit points, its own stubborn, singular rhythm—a closer look reveals coherent symmetries at play. In Mutual Appreciation, watch how Bujalski comments on hetero befuddlement with a pair of gender-switch conceits. Early in the film, Lawrence is invited to participate in a theater event where men read aloud monologues written by women. Later, an extremely drunk Justin stumbles into a house party where three feisty girls proceed to dress him up in drag. The movie is full of such deft patterns.”—Nathan Lee

“Bujalski is making what may prove to be the defining movies about a generation, which is to say my own, marked by its very lack of definition.”—Scott Foundas

“..shows the influence of Cassavetes and early Godard, but  it’s also very much of the moment.”         —Ty Burr

“Mutual Appreciation is the second chapter in what seems like Bujalski's statement about people trying to find the right words as they move toward adulthood and negotiating their fears of commitment of any kind -- to a job, a person, or a complete thought. He could have called this movie “A Tentative Yes.” Of course, that title should do nothing to stop you from making an absolute commitment to see this film..”  — Wesley Morris

“[An] apologetic masterpiece. Mutual Appreciation shows life as contingent, conditional, enigmatic, never finally realized, as, in short, everything that the Harvey Mansfields of the world abhor, and it shows why to accept this kind of life is an act of strength. – Chris Fujiwara

“His characters may be contemporary, but his narrative style owes everything to the old-fashioned avant-garde. There's a rawness and immediacy to his work that cuts straight to the experience, a starkness that's startling in an age of bloated spectacle.” – Carina Chocano


“[A] brilliantly, original young filmmaker…”  -  David Edelstein

“Bujalski's writing is so good, and every shot and edit seems exactly right. Hopefully, there will always be a place for a film like this on a theater screen, no matter the whims of the marketplace.” - G. Allen Johnson


“Here's hoping that somehow, this intelligent, uncommonly perceptive film finds the fairy-tale success it deserves.” - Elizabeth Weitzman

 “…the fresh voice of a generation.’ -  Owen Gleiberman

More Kind Words for Mutual Appreciation

“Even though he’s only made two movies, Andrew Bujalski is, as I write this, one of my favorite American filmmakers... His movies exude the unique personality of an artist who is clearly doing it his own way, and the result is another beautifully personal and expressive film. …Bujalski is making movies that perfectly capture the awkward voice of many members of his generation. It's time more people take notice..”—Warren Curry, Entertainment Insiders • “There’s a timeless quality to Bujalski’s talky-talky set pieces and black-and-white real-film cinematography. Star Justin Rice has a bit of a young Mick Jagger in him way of, like, Rick Moranis..”—Karina Longworth, Cinematical • “One of Bujalski’s gifts is his ability to give every part, no matter how big or small, a sense of intelligence and life that extends beyond the frame and running time, and in this his work recalls the best of both Mike Leigh and Richard Linklater.”Jim Healy, Chicago Reader • “All this loveliness reaches its inevitable apotheosis in Mutual Appreciation’s final scene. The exact nature of which I’ll decline to reveal, except that it slyly tweaks a warm reconciliation with residual sexual tension, awkward physicality, and underlying dishonesty, and the tight framing and deeply suggestive throwaway lines typical of Bujalski transform a happy ending into something much richer. It’s simply among the most searingly, intuitively "right" moments in all of cinema”Sky Hirschkron, Stylus Magazine • “Director Andrew Bujalski and his amazing cast create such a unique and addicting experience that these 110 minutes go by in no time at all and the only thing you want when it’s all over is more... Authentic and hilarious.”  Eric Campos, Film Threat • “Andrew Bujalski is the Renoir of Gen Z (or whatever the heck letter we have devolved down to in this new and otherwise fairly unfunny century). Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation give us new eyes and ears. They let us hear emotional dog frequencies—and watch the butterfly flutters of feeling that bring us together and pull us apart. Bujalski makes us laugh at our foibles—and shed a tear of self-recognition at our fumblings of love.”—Ray Carney, author of Cassavetes on Cassavetes • “Mutual Appreciation…represents a significant achievement.”—David Smedberg, Cinema Veritas • “…with Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, he has created two of the freshest, most original movies of the decade.”—Fiona Morrow, Terminal City Vancouver • “What Douglas Sirk did for big-budget Hollywood melodrama in films like “Imitation of Life”, Andrew Bujarski is doing for the low-budget indie..” John Anderson, Newsday •  “…fascinating micro-budgeted indie.” — J. Hoberman, Village Voice •  The film's mood and style are pitched somewhere between '60s American indie and French New Wave and, as you watch these people, they seem painfully, amusingly on-target.” - Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune • “,,,a singular talent.” - Scott Tobias, The Onion